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Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Cat Life Series- Limited Figures, Blind Box

Sonny Angel Cat Life Series- Limited Figures, Blind Box

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■『Sonny Angel mini figure Cat Life Series』Line up

Regular Figures:9 types

There are many unique cats, from popular cat breeds to Sonny Angel’s original cat breeds. The colors, fur patterns, and tail shapes are all different, so be sure to compare their backs as well.

Lucky Figures:3 types

These overall-wearing Lucky Figures have a pop-art color scheme and a big heart printed on them. The lucky figures, which come in three different colorways, have a long tail shaped like a heart that increases their charm.

Secret Figures:2 types

The glamour of bright pink and gold creates a sense of luxury befitting a Secret. Sonny Angel holds a large golden fish with great care, and Robby Angel rides on a cat food can.

『Sonny Angel mini figure Cat Life Series』will be released on the 16th June, 2023.

※Release dates vary by country.
※Lucky Figures and Secret Figures means a figure that has a lower appearance rate than regular figures.
※Please note : Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

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