MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER - Brand Introduction

MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER is a brand of MONICANERIC, LLC. Founded in 2011, it is an industry-leading pop culture art toy company. With the rapid development of the industry, MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER has set foot in more than 15 countries and regions and accumulated millions of fans around the world. MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER has more than 8000 employees worldwide with offices in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, UK and more. As of now, MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER has more than 350 offline stores and more than 1,557 Robo Shops and airport stores, thus attracting consumers.

MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER uses the "heart" to feel the world, crazy artists, feeling the satisfaction of crazy design, and has established a comprehensive operation platform covering the entire industry chain of designer toys, allowing designers to focus on their crazy art. MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER's business mainly focuses on global artist development, IP operation, consumer access, popular toy culture promotion, and crazy creativity with large real estate companies and famous global trendy players. Led by designers, it has led various gameplays such as starry sky creativity, hand-painted, fluid, etc., and launched thousands of fan collections, gaining many loyal and high-quality customers. Likewise, MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER has partnered with a number of well-known brands to create pop culture products based on classic characters and attract global fans.

MAYBE CRAZY MONSTER Feel the world with "heart", Maybe Crazy are a group of lazy creative obsessed.
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